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  • Meal Planner
    Plan meals and count your calories with the best diet tracker online! Track fat, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, fiber, cholesterol and all essential vitamins. Track over 1 million foods.
  • Grocery Lists
    Sync your meal planner and build a shopping list. Delete, recategorized and more! Save up to 10 different lists at a time.
  • Progress Tracking
    Set weight goals, upload photos and track your progress each week.
  • Recipe Tools
    Import, build and customize your own recipes with instant nutrition feedback.
  • Healthy Meal Ideas
    We make eating healthy and cheap easier with our meal ideas. Browse different categories and filter based on time, ingredients and even budget.
  • Grocery Deals
    Save money with local and online grocery deals.

Meal Planner

Plan your meals a day at a time or weeks in advance!

Log any food items from restaurant items to recipes you bake at home - Calories, Macros, and important nutrition data like sodium, cholesterol and calcium.

With our live food search and meal grouping planning meals on FoodCount is 5x faster then on other websites and is completely free.

If you have had enough meal planning and are ready for some fun, visit for free games, and make sure to try out their free cooking games! It makes counting calories more fun with games.

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Healthy Meal Ideas

Don’t just count calories, eat healthier.

Not only will making better food choices help you lose weight faster, it’ll help keep the weight off.

Using our meal idea generator you can easily filter meals to meet your requirements - High protein meals, gluten free, vegan, and more.

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Powerful Recipe Tools

Build, import or customize recipes.

Build - Build your favorite recipes to track the calories and view the full nutritional values.

Import - Import recipes from any website with just the click of the mouse.

Customize - Easily add, change or remove any of the ingredients from the recipes you find on FoodCount.

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